Company Profile

Autostreets is a leading provider of used vehicle trading services in China. Established in the year 2014, we have been committed to reshaping the used vehicle trading process in China and leading the development of the Chinese used vehicle industry towards standardization, high efficiency, and transparency. With auctions as our core business, we connect a large number of upstream used vehicle sellers and downstream buyers, providing comprehensive services for used vehicle trading. By December 31, 2023, the company had 79 auction sites in 74 cities across the country, serving 317 cities and more than 6,900 dealerships. Accumulatively, over 43,000 buyers have registered with us.

stock symbol:Autostreets
stock code:2443.HK

Corporate Governance

Our goal is to achieve high standards of corporate governance, which are crucial for our growth and the protection of shareholder interests. To achieve these objectives, we adhere to all codes of conduct for corporate governance, including fostering a strong corporate culture, ensuring board independence and diversity, maintaining effective communication with shareholders, and implementing robust ESG governance and supervision.


Results & Financials

Results & Financials

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